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Remarketing A Crucial Factor Thats Often Overlooked Developing Retargeting Audiences

A Crucial Factor that's Often Overlooked

By Digital Marketing Insights December 18, 2019

A Crucial Factor that's Often Overlooked

Posted in by Digital Marketing Insights on December 18, 2019.

Remarketing is the process of showing specific content to people that have previously engaged with your brand or offer.

People that have already interacted with your brand or offer are retargeted. They are your retargeting audience.

You can refine your retargeting audience through segmentation. Segments can be people that interact with specific pieces of content, engage with you a certain amount of times, took certain actions and more. It depends on the advertising platform that you are using. Prominent remarketing channels are Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads.

Retargeting is effective because it allows you to show specific content to people based on where they are in your sales funnel. For example, you could target people that added an item to their shopping cart but abandoned it. You could have a different segment that targets people who visit your website but don’t visit a product page.

Whilst retargeting can be an awesome tool for lifting your leads and sales many people overlook one critical factor.

It’s simple, yet it continues to surprise me how many people do not realise.

A Crucial Factor to Remarketing that’s Often Overlooked

In order to remarket, you first need to have an audience that has previously engaged with you. You need people to remarket to.

Brand awareness is needed.

To create a meaningful remarketing campaign you’ll likely need a minimum of 3,000+ people per month to retarget.

Your previous website visitors will be a major source of your retargeting audience.

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads allows you to include people that have interacted with your brand’s profiles, posts and adverts which will help.

If you’re under this threshold, that’s perfectly fine. Retargeting comes after you’ve created initial awareness. Create some awareness orientated adverts that introduce your brand and products to people that fit your demographic.

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Remarketing Factors Often Overlooked When Developing Retargeting Audiences Segments