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Your Roadmap to Social Media Success

Your Roadmap to Social Media Success


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Get Your Roadmap to Social Media Success

Receive the strategy & framework you need to increase leads and sales to your business through social media.

When combined with good strategy, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a powerful way to build brand awareness, activate your audience and drive sales to your business. Are you are looking for more customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or right across Australia? Your personal consultant at Digital Marketing Insights will develop the right strategy and framework for you to achieve this goal. Your Roadmap to Social Media Success will outline your route to becoming a true socialite.

What is your Roadmap to Social Media Success?

Your Roadmap to Social Media Success is your personalised strategic plan to effectively increase your business’ social media presence. It unpacks profile set-up, optimisation and engagement techniques. These are relevant to your business and needs.

Growth opportunities for your business will be illuminated. Gain the knowledge needed for you to channel more leads and sales through to your business using social platforms. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

You can also use your Roadmap to Success as a social media ‘how-to’ guide. It includes deadlines and basic steps of what to focus on each week or month.

What is included in your Roadmap to Social Media Success?

Your Roadmap to Success will identify the things believed to need the most attention AND/OR the things that you are currently doing really, really well in social media. Your social marketing strategy and management will also be examined in relation to your broader marketing and business strategy.

The focus is on presenting you with growth opportunities using online social platforms.

  • Market Research (and Your Market Position)
  • Content Strategy
  • Website and SEO Integration
  • Manageable Goals and Targets

You can point out other specific areas that you want examined upon purchase.

What will you receive?

A three-page pdf including the elements mentioned above.

30 minute open discussion of your Roadmap to Success and the recommendations made within it.

What will your investment be?

$360 AUD

If you are seeking a more comprehensive analysis, a Roadmap to Digital Success is recommended. This looks at your broader digital marketing strategy and management. Your social marketing AND search engine optimisation AND website development will ALL be put under the spotlight.

Who is a Roadmap to Success for?

This option is a great choice if you have an established presence OR if you are just starting out in social platforms

Your Roadmap to Success is your ‘how-to’ guide for you to get the most out of your social media efforts.

Whether you are looking to self-implement and manage your campaign, or intend for DMI to handle the behind the scenes work of initial set-up and ongoing management, your Roadmap to Success provides you with guidance and direction.



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