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Your Roadmap to SEO Success

Your Roadmap to SEO Success


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Get Your Roadmap to Search Engine Optimisation Success

Receive the strategy & framework needed to increase leads and sales using Search Engine Optimisation

There is more to search engine optimisation (SEO) than appearing high on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is branding AND about making you an authoritative source of information about your niche market. If you want to grow high volume traffic that will increase leads and sales, then you need a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Get your personal consultant to unpack your business’ growth opportunity. They will formulate your Roadmap to SEO Success.

What is your Roadmap to Search Engine Optimisation Success?

Your Roadmap to Search Engine Optimisation Success is your personalised SEO plan. The aim of this plan is to move your business higher up search engine results pages whilst making you an authoritative source of information about your niche. Learn how to build trust and authority with your target market segment. Ultimately drive leads and sales to your business. Your personal consultant will unpack search optimisation techniques, strategy and content relevant to your business and needs.

Use your Roadmap to Success as a ‘how-to’ guide with deadlines and basic steps of what to focus on each week or month.

What is included?

Your personal consultant will identify SEO elements believed to require the most attention AND/OR that you are doing really, really well. Importantly, your SEO strategy will be looked at in relation to your broader marketing and business strategy.

Focus is on presenting how you can become an authoritative source about your niche market segment and appear as high as possible on major search engines such as Google.

  • Market Research (and Your Market Position)
  • Onsite Optimisation Strategy
  • Offsite Optimisation Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Manageable Goals and Targets

You can point out other areas that you want examined upon purchase.

What will you receive?

A three-page pdf containing the features listed above.

30 minute open discussion about your Roadmap to Success and recommendations made within the report.

What will your investment be?

$360 AUD.

Alternatively, you can purchase the more comprehensive Roadmap to Digital Success. Unpacks your search engine optimisation AND social media AND website development.

Who is a Roadmap to SEO Success for?

This option is a great choice if you already conduct search engine optimisation OR if you are new to search engine optimisation

Your Roadmap to SEO Success is your ‘how-to’ guide to becoming an authoritative source on the web in your niche market segment in addition to appearing as high as possible on major search engines for keywords relevant to your business.

If you’re looking to self-implement and manage your SEO strategy moving forward, or intend for us to handle the nitty-gritty of initial set-up and ongoing management behind the scenes, your Roadmap to SEO Success provides guidance and direction.



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