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About Why We Started Digital Marketing Insights

By Digital Marketing Insights March 10, 2016

About Why We Started Digital Marketing Insights

Posted in by Digital Marketing Insights on March 10, 2016.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Technology can be unnecessarily complex, and internet marketing definitely falls into this basket. The specifics of what digital marketing professionals do can sometimes be unclear. For some digital marketing professionals this is the intention.

Digital marketing agencies and consultants tend to guard their industry knowledge at great cost because that is how they make money!

Obviously, digital marketing professionals want to make money. But we believe that guarding industry knowledge is not the right approach for operating a digital marketing agency or consultancy. There are little long term gains with this approach.

Everyone benefits when the agency-client relationship is more transparent.

A new approach to the agency-client relationship

Advertising and marketing professionals genuinely want the very best results for their clients. When your marketing campaign is successful the client is happy and more likely stay on.

This is where it gets more complicated..

The glory days of “Mad Men” for advertisers and marketers are long gone. A decade ago, the average client-agency relationship lasted seven years. Today, it is around three and a half. Increasingly, marketing managers and business owners will ‘agency shop’, searching for the most value out of their marketing investment.

It is common to see clients push for greater results. Marketing professionals oblige because if they do not then the client will go elsewhere. There is no shortage of advertisers out there, and there is always someone that is willing to do “the same work” for less. But you can only push so far until cracks start to appear.

Only 40% of agencies believe they are fairly compensated, even though 72% of clients think their payments are appropriate.

– Association of National Advertisers, 2015.

We’re not here to cry poor for marketing professionals throughout Australia. But we do want to illuminate to you how this creates a squeeze. Clients desire spectacular results whilst also wanting to decrease their marketing investment.

Surely, you feel this in your industry too? Everyone wants to get the most from their investment. But eventually corners are cut.

Advertising costs are substantially reduced through innovative technology such as atomisation. This is great because it allows people to focus on more important things rather than focusing on repetitive and mind numbing tasks that are necessary. However, even this innovation has limits.

The lust for increasing profit can lead people to make decisions that will ultimately ruin their business. But with greater transparency this can be avoided.

What do We Want to Achieve?

We want to empower you and give you the tools and insight to better market yourself and your business. We’ll will do this by sharing our industry knowledge through Digital Marketing Insights.

If you were going to teach someone maths, you probably would not make out that you were the first to master arithmetic. But perhaps, based on your years of learning, practice and teaching different methods, you have gained a good idea of what works in given situations.

We’re not the first to preach industry best-practice of how to promote yourself or your business on the internet. But we do have a great idea of what can work for you.

We can be your 1:1 digital marketing consultant. We can guide you through the digital marketing jargon and clear the smoke and mirrors from the room. We can draw out your Roadmap to Digital Success and provide ongoing management allowing you to capitalise on increased leads and sales.

We can give you more time to focus on running your business so that you outperform your competitors. We can save you hours of sifting through internet articles to find what you are searching for using our knowledge of where to look and what to look for. We can teach you what you want to know.

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