A Quick & Easy Way to Boost Conversions on Your Website

I’m sure you can agree, that it’s hard to convert website visitors into customers.

Or, is it?

Well, it turns out that you can significantly boost your sales and conversions by simply adding one feature to your website.

In this post I’m going to show you exactly what this feature is and how you can easily include it into your site.

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

Nowadays, savvy online consumers look for security when they browse. Increasingly, they search for an official identifier showing that the website is secured via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

If you are looking to incorporate e-commerce or asking for people to hand over sensitive information on your website, you need to secure your website via an appropriate SSL.

But what about the rest of us?

Everyone stands to benefit from an Extended Validation SSL

Anyone can benefit from an Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

An EV SSL both authenticates you and your website. It proves you are who you say you are and secures the connection between your website and a visitor. It also ensures that the connection between a browser and your site is secured (encrypted).

For e-commerce website SSL certificates provides assurance of ~$500,000+. This is in addition to the credit card fraud insurance which the banks provide to their users at no additional cost to you. Like other forms of insurance this is something that most people never use, nor want to use, but it’s good to have.

For the rest of us, the primary purpose is that browsers know they are on an authentic and secure website.

What Form of Security do I Really Need for My Website?

SSLs have varying levels of validation/protection, and thus price. Generally, the more you pay the more you get.

If you are serious about getting people to hand over their credit card details over your website, then you should get an Extended Validation (EV) SSL (if your budget allows it).

Whist this is about security, it’s also about vanity. This is about how consumers view you and your site. An EV SSL will give your website the green bar in the top-left hand corner of the url bar.

Extended Validation Secured Socket Layer Certificate | EV SSL

Is the green bar necessary?

Short answer, no.

But… (and this is a big but)

Websites that use an EV SSL are the ones that you see with the green bar in the url (see image above). A good article explaining the pros-and cons of implementing these can be found here.

I’m mainly in favour of EV SSLs because it builds the trust that a lot of consumers are looking for when making an online purchase.

Typically, businesses that use EV SSLs see higher conversions and ultimately more sales. The same is true for lead generation websites.

An EV SSL Builds trust

The greatest benefit from an EV SSL can be seen when running campaigns to new customers that don’t know you all that well. An example here would be targeting new prospects through Facebook paid advertising campaign.

Most hosting providers will host any EV SSL. After looking around the most affordable EV SSL I could find was $270 year (22.50/month) here. (There was cheaper ones, but they had horrible reviews).

However, I recommend Panthur. They offer EV SSLs for $25 per month. For the extra $2.50 a month you’re going to ensure reliability and good customer service.

But an EV SSL is too much…

If an EV is too much, there are alternatives.

In their bid to make the internet a safer place, Certbot and Lets Encrypt have teamed up to provide free automated Rapid SSLs. This is the lower end of the security spectrum. It won’t give you the green bar, but it will give you the https and encrypt your site.

Lets Encrypt Rapid SSLs are free, for life. However, unless you are technically savvy, it is rather difficult to implement. That is, unless your web host has an integrated app to install them.

Unfortunately, cPanel does not yet have an official Lets Encrypt app. When it comes to hosting interface, it’s number one being used by around 90% of web hosting companies.

Increasingly hosting companies are integrating Lets Encrypt into their hosting plans, but this is a case-by-case basis. cPanel says they will have Lets Encrypt integration within the next three months.

Rapid SSL Certificate

A Rapid SSL starts at around $30 per year. This is an entry level certificate and would give you all that you needed in terms of basic security for conducting light e-commerce.

Being much cheaper (and potentially free) is an obvious benefit. However, you don’t get the consumer confidence of the green bar. Instead, it will most likely appear like the below:

Rapid Secured Socket Layer Certificate | Rapid SSL

Mid-Range SSL Certificates

There are mid-range ones as well, such as True Business ID SSL certificates. These cost around $150. In my opinion they currently don’t offer enough to make it worthwhile because they don’t give you the green bar.

These will make your site’s url appear with a simple padlock, like the image above. Being no different aesthetically from Rapid SSLs, there’s little to gain with this option.

Future Proof Your Website

An EV SSL also prepare you and your business for the future.

Increasingly the internet is moving toward https over http. Acknowledging this, Google explicitly states that they reward secure websites with higher rankings.

Soon the minimum standard for a website will be a Rapid SSL.

Summing Up: to Upgrade to SSL or Not?

I must admit I’m a bit of a hypocrite here, as I don’t currently use an SSL myself. I couldn’t justify the cost of an EV SSL when setting up my website because I wasn’t asking customers for particularly sensitive information like credit card details.  And unfortunately, my hosting provider doesn’t have Lets Encrypt integration (it should by next month though!).

It’s something I’m definitely going to use moving forward.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Two Influential Digital Marketing Experts You Should Be Following and Why

I Want to Direct Your Attention Toward Two Influential Digital Marketing Experts You Should be Following. Here’s Why.

First up, if you are looking for passive ‘how-to’ information, these aren’t for you.

The following are for those who are truly looking to harness their virtual landscape by actively looking past a clear-cut dichotomy of quantitative vs. qualitative.

If you haven’t already heard, I’d like to introduce you to Seth Godin and his daily blog as well as Mitch Joel and his weekly podcast. Below is why you should be following them.

Seth Godin, Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Experts That You Should Be Following, Seth Godin - DMI Sydney

A bit more behind the influencial digital marketing expert Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a big deal. He’s a very influential guy in the marketing space. Born July 10, 1960, he’s written 18 best-selling books that have been translated into more than 35 languages throughout the world. He is an author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker.

He’s perhaps most renowned for his work consolidated in his 1999 book Permission Marketing. Perhaps even more salient and relevant now, 15 years later, he is a well-established marketing icon.

After a Digital Marketing Expert in Melbourne or Sydney?
To indicate his sheer influence simply type “Seth” into Google and see what comes up. You’ll see 130,000,000 results. Of all the “Seths” out there, he comes up number one. Try seeing who comes up for any other common first name typed into Google!

Seth pioneered internet marketing from the very beginning. He was among the first to see and illustrate how the internet could be harnessed to directly connect brands and consumers in ways that traditional media never could.

Anticipated, personal and relevant. These are the three core principals he formalised. Ahead of his time, some business owners and brand managers still struggle with the concepts that he puts forth. Perhaps this is why we now see the rise in ad blockers to combat “Interruptive Marketing“?

Seth Godin’s Main Focus

Gaining degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from Tufts University, followed by an MBA in Marketing from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Seth’s a pretty well-rounded and switched on guy that looks at things from different angles.

His philosophy is “GO make something happen”. I suggest you GO follow his blog (details below).

How to Follow Seth Godin

I find the top way to follow Seth is via his blog. It offers thought provoking insights if you’re looking for a few minutes of light reading each day. You can sign up on his website to have this delivered straight to your inbox.

Reading his blog, it’s easy to see why big brands and companies pay top dollar to hear what he has to say. Eloquently prosed and expressed, Seth uses his blog to share and consolidate his thoughts with his followers.

Seth’s daily blog is muse for countless other influential bloggers, journalists and thought leaders. You might as well go to the source!

Mitch Joel, Digital Marketing Expert

After a Digital Marketing Professional or Expert in Sydney?

A bit more behind the influencial digital marketing expert Mitch Joel

If you haven’t heard of Canadian born Mitch Joel (b. May 1971) yet, then I highly recommend checking him out. When Google wants somebody to clarify the latest developments in marketing to the top brands in the world, they hire Mitch Joel to keynote present at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

Marketing Magazine styled him as the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and called him, “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries.” In 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing throughout the world.

Nowadays, he focuses his efforts toward presiding over Mirum, an international digital focused marketing agency operating in almost 20 countries, with over 2000 employees.Hire A digital Marketing Professional in Brisbane?

Mitch is an avid publisher of contemporary technological insights with real-world application. He’s an author, blogger, podcaster, and passionate keynote speaker. Because of this, he’s been named one of the top 100 online marketers in the world.

Mitch is perhaps most well-known for his work on the concept of Six Pixels of Separation. This is both a best-selling book and ongoing podcast (below). His take on the online landscape is that nobody is more than a click away – friends, friends of friend, people that you have never met. We are all directly connected via the internet whether we like it or not.

Mitch Joel’s Main Focus

Probably stemming from his degree in Philosophy, Mitch takes a more theological focus. Yet he’s also comfortable discussing big data and analytics. Mitch looks at the nuances of digital as both science AND art. Taking this holistic picture is why I continue to tune in and listen to his podcast.

How to to Follow Mitch Joel

Mitch chairs the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast. He’ll bring you the latest in digital marketing, media hacking and provocations from his always on and always connected world.

What I find great about this podcast is that Mitch brings on a different guest each week. Often these guests are industry leaders in their own right and well worth following as well.

The format of the podcast is an intimate one-on-one discussion between Mitch and his guest. Topics are debated, disagreements are aired and contemporary issues discussed.

To classify this podcast into “marketing” offers little justice. Global economies, sociology, and business management are discussed in depth by respective thought leaders.

If you’re looking for thought provocation, this podcast offers a truly enlightening experience week-on-week.

Summing Up Why You Should be Following these Digital Marketing Experts

I highly encourage you to follow Seth Godin’s daily blog and Mitch Joel’s podcast.

Week-on-week they provide me with something to think about.

I hope that in following these two influential digital marketing experts you can better negate your virtual landscape.  But I’ll let you check them out for yourself.

If you know of any other influential digital marketing experts to be following, mention them in the comments below!

Kieran Sukas | Digital Marketing Insights Sydney Australia

Kieran Sukas | Founder & Principal Consultant of DMI 

Two Digital Marketing Experts You Should Be Following and Why
This post was written by Kieran Sukas, Founder and Principal Consultant at Digital Marketing Insights. Ask him a question in the comments!
Written by: Kieran Sukas
Date Published: 04/21/2016